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  • If you need to send more than 5 files, please zip them and send the zip file.
  • TradeLog data files can be found in your "my documents\tradelog" folder and have the *.tdf  file extension.
  • Copies of your brokerage trade history imports can be found in your "my documents\tradelog\import" folder. These data files are plain text and are named with your broker name followed by a date such as: "Fidelity_20150101_20151231.txt".
  • Brokerage trade history files can either be a plain text or csv file downloaded from your broker's web site, or you can copy your trade history data from your web browser and paste it into Windows Notepad.
  • By submitting files to TradeLog Support I authorize the support agent to review the transaction history and information contained in the file(s) for the purpose of technical analysis. Please see our security and privacy policies.